Sunday, July 10, 2016

Stand Up for Better Blood Flow

Stand Up Sunday...
Get the blood flowing. Once again it's Sunday. and everyday Dustin chooses to get out of this chair and work towards his goals of being able to walk again. Everyday he gets one day stronger. Everyday he gets one day closer to that goal. Today he's standing up for better blood flow.

Standing up is a big deal for a man with paralysis. Told he would never have feeling or movement below his chest, Dustin has proven doctors wrong.

There are may symptoms paraplegics deal with such as poor circulation, decreased sexual function, and bone density loss. Last week we spoke about one of the symptoms connected to paralysis, muscle atrophy; this week we wanted to share the challenges of a different symptom, lack of blood flow. 

Lack of blood flow and poor circulation, often known as Peripheral Artery Disease, are often associated with paralysis because a paraplegic can not move ones legs on their own and it narrows  and hardens the the arteries in the legs (known as Atherosclerosis), restricting blood flow and potentially leading to risks like stroke, and heart attacks. That's why a good cardiovascular workout is important. Proper movement helps prevent cardiovascular disease, a number one killer of Americans. Surviving a horrific accident was enough, who wants to think about cardiovascular disease.
Every day Dustin stands up to better himself and work with the epidural stimulator implanted into his body. By exercising and doing wheelchair workouts Dustin is working towards  preventing these debilitating symptoms and working on his cardiovascular health, and overall health, preparing his body for when there is a cure. Working towards a cure and standing up feels good. Each time Dustin stand, he uses a standing frame to help support his weigh and help with his balance. Dustin has a clothing line that raises funds to help others afford the necessary equipment, that allows him to stand up.  Dustin recently donated a standing frame to help others

...Dustin lives a lifestyle that uses his physical paralysis to create a new future and new perspective for something that was once painful. Dustin shares his inspiring story and successes on stages across America at events like the Salt Conference held earlier this year. We are excited to announce that Dustin will be in Las Vegas, as part of the Unstuck Conference, sponsored by Finding Your Happiness July 30th, 2016, where he will share the stage with John Polish, Dale Krause, Darren LaCroix, Rhonda Taylor, Frank Curreri and other great speakers delivering a powerful message about how we each have an opportunity of getting unstuck, and understanding why it is so important, as it reveals the hope and light that will guide us to brighter times if we just decide to not allow "IT" to define us.

For Dustin it's about making a difference not only for himself, but by standing up for others as well. It's Stand Up Sunday- What are you gonna do now to make a difference for your own health and to reach your own goals?
Take a look at Dustin's new clothing line and order your DSF Gear now to help support others with paralysis.

I can Turn Myself on... Watch the  video to see how the stimulator implanted inside of me works.

 Dustin Shillcox’s life drastically changed when he was in a car accident August 2010 and sustained major spinal cord damage, a broken upper arm, collapsed lungs, broken ribs, cracked sternum & mild brain injury. Dustin’s complete T-5 spinal cord injury (SCI) left him with no feeling below his mid-chest, causing paralysis from the chest down.

Now paralyzed, and living his life in a wheel chair, Dustin was told he would never again be able to move below his waist again, but after participating in a cutting edge SCI research project, at the University of Kentucky in Louisville, he is now able to move his legs and stand once again. Dustin is living his life to the fullest, sharing his story, journey of overcoming obstacles, and faith while raising funds for spinal cord research. Through his motivational speaking and the Dustin Shillcox Foundation, he is helping to improve the lives of people in wheelchairs.

Dustin delivers an inspiring message about never giving up, and the power of a positive attitude in his speech "What Are You Gonna Do Now?" Inquire about Dustin's availability to speak at your next business meeting, conference, charity event, school, church or graduation event. If you are looking to inspire your crowd to overcome personal challenges, and motivate into action, Dustin needs to be your next call! 307.870.6764

written by Nickel Lowman

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